Friday, October 4, 2013

Journeys, Consistency, and a Cup of Coffee

Consistency. People are generally more comfortable knowing what they're gonna get. Makes sense. I mean, look at how Starbucks has done with this theory. People like knowing they can walk into a Starbucks in Oregon and get the same Pumpkin Spice Latte they're gonna get in Orlando, Florida. Consistency brings comfort.

This is also true in football...particularly in a specialist's world. Coaches, players, and fans are that much more comfortable when a specialist heads onto the field and they know they're good for the 40 yard field goal. They're good knowing their 3 point lead with 45 seconds left is safe because their punter is gonna deliver horrendous field positioning to their opponent. And they're good knowing their snapper is going to contribute in making the previous two possible.

Consistency is key. Consistency is also "clutch". And EVERYONE wants those "clutch" guys on THEIR side. Because when push comes to shove, and the game is on the line, you sure don't wanna see those "clutch" guys march onto the field in the wrong uniform.

There's no easy path on the "journey of clutch". That's what we'll call it. The "journey of clutch". It's hard work on top of more hard work. It's practice in 400 degree heat. It's running and swinging til your legs feel like they're gonna fall off. It's drills til it gets dark. It's working on your mental game as much as the physical one. It's being consistent in the training, so that THAT consistency is as much a part of you, as the number on your back when you take the field. And it doesn't happen over night. Oh and here's the thing, the "journey of clutch" never ends. Go ask a hobbit the average time allotment for a sensible journey. They take a while. You never get to rest. The grind doesn't end. Ask the guys playing on the college and pro levels. But you love it, so it's worth it. And anything worth having, takes work getting.

Yeah, the "journey of clutch" is a long one. Those hobbits got nothin' on a specialist. Bilbo Baggins? Wimp. So, pack snacks. Maybe you could even stop at Starbucks, they've got some great ones. Hipsters aren't the only ones who can appreciate a good latte and a croissant, you know.

And YOU thought you had nothing in common with hobbits and Starbucks.

Train With The Best...To Be The Best.

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