Friday, August 23, 2013

Please Open Your College Football Hymnals to Page...

Be in the moment. That's what they say. Every day of your life. Obsessing over what the future holds, or what the past left in it's wake, won't let you give focus to what is most important- the PRESENT.

Let's take a quick look at what I believe is now the 4th most popular religion in the world...College Football. Wait. You're telling me it's not actually a legitimate religion?? Then clearly you have never been to a service at Doak Campbell Stadium...The Swamp...The Rose Bowl...or Bryant-Denny Stadium. These places where we worship Gods named Bobby Bowden, Bear Bryant, Herschel Walker, Desmond Howard...and Johnny Footba...wait, scratch that one.

The college football layout is the epitome of living in the present. For a team to be successful, they can't be constantly focused on the future and what big games they have weeks ahead in their schedule. They're focused on their present opponent. Yes, of course they have goals. And these goals require preparation. But to reach those goals, they need to handle the present task at hand. Every game matters. Their season is on the line at every given moment. And that team needs to be present for all of them.

As far as the individuals go, a smart player isn't focused on plays that were called and executed 20 minutes ago. They're mind is in the CURRENT play and its follow through. When the kicker steps on the field to take care of business, they can't be thinking about the kick that went wide right in the first quarter, when this kick in their "present" could mean the game...could mean the conference...could mean a bowl win...could mean the national championship. No. The mental game needs to be just as strong as the leg kicking the ball...maybe even stronger.

A good way to challenge oneself, is to force yourself to constantly LIVE in the present. Not just on the field - but in day to day life. Notice things. Notice life.

When in conversation with people, engage, look them in the eyes. Don't look down at your phone. Don't be distracted by the TV. Appreciate them. Be in the there.
When reading or studying, don't be checking your Instagram feed every 4 minutes. Or sub-tweeting your emotions on Twitter. Be in your there.
When you're outside running, pay attention. The air, the sky, the smells, the sounds. Be in that PRIVILEGE of being physically able to there.
When you're in the gym, don't just speed through your reps in a rush to get through it. Pay attention to each rep and how it's affecting your body. If you want your muscles to get stronger, respect them - and the work that goes into it. Be in your there.
And when you're out on the field and you're lining up, don't be in the first quarter. Be in the present. For it's the present that matters most, there.

If you learn to truly live in the present OFF the field, it can only help you with that razor sharp mental presence every player needs ON the field. And distractions will no longer have the power to cloud your focus.

Here's a thought-
Respect the past. Prepare for the future. But definitely LIVE in the present.
Life. Be IN it.

Train With The Best...To Be The Best.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saving The Best For Last Is No Fantasy

Ok, so it's that time of year. The season we all live for. I'm thinking that maybe the "powers that be" could just shorten the season names up for us...we can keep the summer and the spring thing...that's all fine...but I'm thinkin' we can just chuck the fall/winter and call it what it really is...FOOTBALL season. See what I did there? Makes sense right? And THEN the kids will only have to memorize three seasons..I'm only thinking of the's a win win.

FOOTBALL season, you guys. Hallelujah. It's back. And with that, comes fantasy football. I thought we could take a quick look at THE most pivotal position on all of our fantasy teams...the kicker. I mean, at least in OUR own minds it's the most pivotal position. Especially with TEAM AAK guys representin' in the league.

Here are some solid simple thoughts:

Pick your kicker last. You guys know this right? Makes sense. We eat dessert last don't we? Fireworks designers put the big burst at the end, don't they? We ALWAYS save the BEST for last. I mean, except when picking teams in kickball...but that's another blog entirely...and probably years of therapy...but I digress.... so yes, CLEARLY because kickers rule, is why alllll strategies point to picking the kicker last.

The more an offense scores, the more action a kicker will get. So go with one of the guys on one of those offensive powerhouses so you can snag some points. Do that research on who those teams were. OR I could be nice and just tell you the eight highest-scoring teams last year were New England, Denver, New Orleans, Washington, Green Bay, N.Y. Giants, Atlanta and Houston. I knew I could be a nice person on occasion.

Pick a kicker that's NEEDED to kick field goals. Unfortunately, an extra point just doesn't rack up like a field goal. So this would tell us to look for teams with a solid running game...not the "big passing for touchdowns quarterback" teams.

Know the strong legged guys. Especially if the league you're in gives bonus points for distance. Yeah, Sebastian, we're lookin' at you...but he's working with a risky Raiders offense about as consistent as Amanda Bynes these days soooo....

And now finally...stop reading this...stop futzing around with your fantasy team...and get yourself out there on the field, into your backyard, or over to the gym and make yourself better so you can be one of the guys we all save for last...but not for kickball.

Train With The Best...To Be The Best.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

All American Kicking to Begin Elite Evaluations on Sundays

AAK will begin it's new Elite Evaluation Sunday Camps in August 2013. Please check the website for more information and registration.