Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saving The Best For Last Is No Fantasy

Ok, so it's that time of year. The season we all live for. I'm thinking that maybe the "powers that be" could just shorten the season names up for us...we can keep the summer and the spring thing...that's all fine...but I'm thinkin' we can just chuck the fall/winter and call it what it really is...FOOTBALL season. See what I did there? Makes sense right? And THEN the kids will only have to memorize three seasons..I'm only thinking of the's a win win.

FOOTBALL season, you guys. Hallelujah. It's back. And with that, comes fantasy football. I thought we could take a quick look at THE most pivotal position on all of our fantasy teams...the kicker. I mean, at least in OUR own minds it's the most pivotal position. Especially with TEAM AAK guys representin' in the league.

Here are some solid simple thoughts:

Pick your kicker last. You guys know this right? Makes sense. We eat dessert last don't we? Fireworks designers put the big burst at the end, don't they? We ALWAYS save the BEST for last. I mean, except when picking teams in kickball...but that's another blog entirely...and probably years of therapy...but I digress.... so yes, CLEARLY because kickers rule, is why alllll strategies point to picking the kicker last.

The more an offense scores, the more action a kicker will get. So go with one of the guys on one of those offensive powerhouses so you can snag some points. Do that research on who those teams were. OR I could be nice and just tell you the eight highest-scoring teams last year were New England, Denver, New Orleans, Washington, Green Bay, N.Y. Giants, Atlanta and Houston. I knew I could be a nice person on occasion.

Pick a kicker that's NEEDED to kick field goals. Unfortunately, an extra point just doesn't rack up like a field goal. So this would tell us to look for teams with a solid running game...not the "big passing for touchdowns quarterback" teams.

Know the strong legged guys. Especially if the league you're in gives bonus points for distance. Yeah, Sebastian, we're lookin' at you...but he's working with a risky Raiders offense about as consistent as Amanda Bynes these days soooo....

And now finally...stop reading this...stop futzing around with your fantasy team...and get yourself out there on the field, into your backyard, or over to the gym and make yourself better so you can be one of the guys we all save for last...but not for kickball.

Train With The Best...To Be The Best.

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