Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AAK Week 5 Student Schedule: High School and College Games - September 24 - 27, 2014

September 24, 2014
Lake Mary Freshman vs. Winter Springs

September 26, 2014
Orangewood Christian at Foundation
Lake Highland at Warner Christian
Evans at Davenport Ridge Comm.
East Ridge and Oak Ridge
St. Cloud at Gateway
Lake Mary at Seminole
Jones at West Orange
Merritt Island at Oviedo
University at Dr. Phillips
Timber Creek at Olympia
Apopka at Freedom
Winter Park at Boone
Wekiva at Lake Howell
A. Crawford Mosley at Arnold (Pensacola)
Armwood Vs. Jefferson (Tampa)
Terre Haute North vs. Columbus North (Indiana)

September 27, 2014

Augustana vs. U-Mary
University of St. Francis vs. St. Xavier
Duke vs. Miami
FAU vs. Texas San Antonio
Temple vs. UConn
Colorado State vs. Boston College
Geneva vs. Carnegie Mellon
Tusculum vs. Lenoir Rhyne
E. Illinois vs. Ohio University
Benedictine vs. Missouri valley
Wagner vs. Lafayette
College of Dupage vs. Georgia Military CC
University of Southern Alabama vs. Idaho
Brown vs. harvard
Colgate vs. Georgetown

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

AAK Student Scores, Stats and Social Media - Week of September 18 - 20, 2014

Week of September 18 - 20, 2014

Orangewood Christian 7, Delray Beach Village Academy 24

Lake Highland 3, Eustis 31

Bishop Moore 28, Mount Dora 13

  • Bishop Moore's Jake McIntyre with four extra points 
DeLand 6, Lake Mary 35
  • Snapper Jacob Rubenstein gets another win with Lake Mary!
Celebration 8, St. Cloud 52

Winter Haven 34, Evans 0

Leesburg 14, West Orange 47

Cypress Creek 0, Freedom 48

Edgewater 45, Olympia 6

  • Phillip Shure makes a 21 yard field goal in the first, followed up with a 35 yard field goal in the second to score the only points for Olympia on Friday
Oviedo 55, Hagerty 20
  • Connor O'Toole has 7 of 8 PATS Friday to help his team rally back from 13 - 0 at the half to come back to win 55 - 20. What a game!
Colonial 0, Dr. Phillips 35
  • Dr. Phillips' Ethan Shafer adds four extra points in his team's win over Colonial
Boone 21, Apopka 43
  • Apopka's Tyler L'Heureux adds five extra points Friday for his team's win
Wekiva 12, Oak Ridge 18

A. Crawford Mosley 15, West Florida 39 (Panhandle)

Armwood 28, Robinson 28 (Tampa)

  • Armwood's Sterling Hofrichter helps his team to a rain-soaked victory to remain undefeated
Terre Haute North 7, Bloomington North 28 (Indiana)

Duke 47, Tulane 13

Florida 21, Alabama 42
  • Frankie Velez adds three extra points for the Gators on Saturday
FAU 19, Wyoming 20

Temple 59, Delaware State 0
  • Temple's Austin Jones adds seven extra points for his team's win
UCF 41, Bethune Cookman 7
  • Shawn Moffitt adds three extra points for UCF
Geneva College 38, Waynesburg 44

Tusculum 35,  North Greenville 38

Eastern Illinois 63,  Austin Peay 7
  • Eastern Illinois' Cody Edwards had four punts for the Panthers, averaging 32.5 yards
Benedictine 23, Central Methodist University 17

Augustana 48, Northern State 17
  • Lucas Wainman with a big game for Augustana, making a 36 yard field goal in the first, followed by a 35 yard field goal in the fourth, as well as adding six extra points for the Vikings!
Lenoir Rhyne 51, Wingate 14

Greensboro 37, LaGrange 35

University of South Alabama 6, Georgia Southern 28

University of St. Francis 44, Trinity International University 30
  • Ryan Giachetti of St. Francis has 2 Punts averaging 40.5 yards in Saturday's victory
Brown 3, Georgetown 17
  • Grant Senne scores Brown's only points of the game with a 22 yard field goal in the second quarter. He also had 6 punts net 43 yard average. Made 23 yard fg and two kickoffs to the goal line with good height. 
Colgate 27, Cornell 12

Don't see your game stats listed here? Email us:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

AAK Week 4 High School and College Football Schedule: September 17 - 20, 2014

September 17, 2014
Lake Mary Freshman vs. Seminole, 5:30
September 18, 2014
Orangewood Christian at Delray Beach Village Academy, 7
Lake Highland at Eustis, 7
Bishop Moore at Mount Dora, 7
DeLand at Lake Mary, 7
Gateway at Harmony, 7:30
Liberty at Osceola, 7:30
Celebration at St. Cloud, 7:30
Winter Haven at Evans, 7:30
Leesburg at West Orange, 7:30
Cypress Creek at Freedom, 7:30
Edgewater at Olympia, 7:30
Oviedo at Hagerty, 7:30
Colonial at Dr. Phillips, 7:30
Boone at Apopka, 7:30
Wekiva at Oak Ridge, 7:30
Armwood at Robinson, 7:30 (Tampa)
Terre Haute North vs. Bloomington North, 7:30 (Indiana)

September 20, 2014
Duke vs. Tulane
Florida vs. Alabama
FAU vs. Wyoming
Temple vs. Delaware State
UCF vs. Bethune Cookman

University of St. Francis vs. TIU
Geneva College vs. Waynesburg
Atlanta Sports Academy vs. Greenville prep
Tusculum vs. North Greenville
Eastern Illinois vs. Austin Peay
Benedictine vs. Central Methodist University
Augustana vs. Northern State
College of DuPage vs. Globe Institute of Technology
Lenoir Rhyne vs. Wingate
Greensboro vs. LaGrange
University of South Alabama vs. Georgia Southern

Brown vs. Georgetown

Colgate vs. Cornell

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

AAK Game Scores and Stats: September 10-13, 2014

Congratulations to Winter Park Tigers' Alec Boe, who was 4 for 4 of his field goals, scoring 8 points on Saturday to help lift his Pop Warner JR Midget team over the Oviedo Lions!

Lake Mary Freshman Football 14, Lake Brantley 15

Bishop Moore 27, Edgewater 7
  • Bishop Moore's Jake McIntyre adds three extra points for his team's win in "Battle of College Park."
Dr. Phillips 44, Seminole 7
  • Dr. Phillips' Ethan Shafer adds five extra points and makes a 33 yard field goal to lift his team over Seminole.
Lake Howell 0, Oviedo 41
  • Connor O'Toole of Oviedo kicked 5 PAT's in Friday's victory
Evans 7, Lake Brantley 26
  • Evans' Alberto Escobedo adds an extra point in the fourth quarter
Lake Highland 14, Pine Ridge 29

Apopka 56, Wekiva 7
  • Tyler L'Heureux adds six extra points in Apopka's victory over Wekiva
Oak Ridge 20, West Orange 42

Olympia 19, Freedom 20

Orlando University 29, Boone 38

Timber Creek 54, East River 42
  • Timber Creek's Christian Morris with a great night@ 2/2 field goals of 42 and 25 yards, 7/7 extra points and 5/7 touchbacks. He also had 2 big punts.
Armwood 26, Hillsborough 0 (Tampa)
  • Armwood's Sterling Hofrichter makes both 32 and 22 yard field goals and adds two extra points
Terre Haute North 17, Southport 21 (Indiana)
  • Terre Haute North's Zach Potter with some great punting in Friday's game as well as a 31 yard field goal made in the fourth quarter

University of Florida 36, Kentucky 30
  • Florida's Frankie Velez made a 35 yard field goal in the second quarter, followed by a 22 yard field goal in the third, and added three extra points. In the first overtime he made another extra point and in double overtime made a 20 yard field goal. What a game!
Duke 41, Kansas 3
Colorado State 49, UC Davis 21
College of DuPage 17, Iowa Central 20
FAU 50, Tulsa 21
UCF 10, Missouri 38

  • Shawn Moffitt made a 19 yard field goal in the first quarter for the Knights and added an extra point in the second quarter.
Geneva 42, Grove City 0
University of St. Francis 40, Lindenwood University-Belleville 7
  • University of St. Francis's Ryan Giachetti with five punts averaging 42.4 yards and two within the 20 in Saturday's win
Wagner 16, Monmouth 21
Tusculum 10, Elizabeth City State 18
Eastern Illinois 15, Illinois State 34

  • Cody Edwards with four punts averaging 40.5 yards for Eastern Illionis on Saturday
Augustana 22, Minnesota Duluth 23
  • Augustana's Lucas Wainman made a 26 yard field goal in the third quarter and added an extra point in the fourth
Lenoir Rhyne 33, Virginia State 6
Greensboro 7, Bridgewater 33

  • Greensboro's Mark Bush makes the extra point for his team in the second quarter
University of Southern Alabama 3, Mississippi State 35
  • Aleem Sunanon scores the only points for University of Southern Alabama with a 26 yard field goal.
Colgate 25, Delaware 28
Webber 7, Campbellsville 20
Benedictine 47, Ottowa 59

Thursday, September 11, 2014

HUGE Turnout Expected For Sunday's Clinic with All American Kicking

Due to the high number of kickers, punters and snappers that registered for this Sunday's Free Session, a waiting list has been created. Both the morning and afternoon sessions for kickers have been completely filled. Any kickers interested in still attending can sign up on our waiting list and will be notified if a third session is made available.

For snappers, there are only a few spots remaining in the afternoon session.

Click here to register.

Here is some more information on this weekend's session:

Free Kicking Clinic - All Ages and Abilities!  
At All American Kicking, we always understand that the one position that rarely has a coach to help them this time of the year are the Specialist.  This is why right around this time we offer a free session for those looking to get some help to strengthen there contributions to there team, try to overthrow a starter, or just learn the basics to start your journey as a Specialist!
Open to all ages and abilities.  If your a finely tuned kicker that is just looking for a tune up, a snapper who needs help getting out of funk, or a punter who doesn't know the first thing about punting a football, this camp will help you.  After all, its FREE so what's stopping you from improving your craft?
Instruction will be led by former University of Florida kicker Nick Fleming. Snapping instruction will be with former University of Tennessee - Chattanooga snapper Brock Oliver. Olympic Gold Medalist Dwight Thomas will lead strength conditioning.
Whats Covered?
- Kicking/Punting/Snapping Basics and drills to improve
- On-Field Video Analysis where needed
- Instruction from the areas top kicking and snapping instructors
- Basic talk to set practice routine on your own when requested
AM Clinic - 9:00am-12:00pm
9:00am-9:30am - Group Stretch
9:30am-10:15am - Basic Field Goal/Snapping Instruction
10:15am-11:00am - Basic Punting/Snapping Instruction
11:00am-11:30am - Kickoff/Additional Snapping Instruction
11:30am-11:45am - Coach Dwight Strenght and Conditioning Talk
11:45am-12:00pm - Clean-up/Close of Clinic
PM Clinic - 1:00pm-4:00pm
1:00pm-1:30pm - Group Stretch
1:30pm-2:15pm - Basic Field Goal/Snapping Instruction
2:15pm-3:00pm - Basic Punting/Snapping Instruction
3:00pm-3:30pm - Kickoff/Additional Snapping Instruction
3:30pm-3:45pm - Coach Dwight Strenght and Conditioning Talk
3:45pm-4:00pm - Clean-up/Close of Clinic
What to bring:
- Water
- Cleats
- (2) footballs
- Tee/Holders if you have them

The Basics: The Plant Spot

By Coach Nick Fleming

Height, power, and accuracy; all of these are important when it comes to kicking a football, and all are affected by where a kicker plants his foot when kicking.  Here are some tips to ensure you have a proper plant no matter which tee you use.

There are two important factors that affect a kick.  The first factor is how close a kickers foot is to the ball on the X-axis (close or far from the ball).  It is difficult to make proper contact if a kicker plants too close to the ball and are unable to open and expose the proper spot on the foot. The distance from the ball, as well as the appropriate amount of body lean, have to be altered to make good contact. When a new kicker is starting out, I recommend planting either a football length or a shoe length away from the ball.  This will allow enough room for the foot to open up and expose the proper spot on a kickers foot to make contact with the ball. It will also be close enough for the kicker to maintain good momentum through the football.  This length is a general guideline but can be an inch or two closer or farther away based on the kickers comfort level.

The second and more important factor affecting a kick is where a kicker plants on the Y-axis (close or further from the upright).  This axis has greater impact on power and height, but depending on whether the kicker uses a block or kicks off the ground, the plant spot will change.

If a kicker is using a 2” block, the plant should be knuckle of foot even with the football.  This allows contact with the ball to occur when the leg is on its upswing and the ball will get over the line of scrimmage more easily. This is the main purpose for using a block.   If a kicker is using a 1” block, the plant spot will need to move closer towards the uprights, so that the laces are even with the ball.  This will create contact with the ball during the upswing portion of the kick, allowing for better height at the line of scrimmage.  The benefit of using a 1” block rather than to a 2 block is that it allows the kicker to plant further up the Y-axis, with contact on the ball happening closer to leg lock (the point of the swing when the knee locks out), which can generate more power.  A kicker using a 1 tee will need to rely on better mechanics to get the ball over the line of scrimmage versus using a 2 block.

When kicking off the ground without the aid of a block, the plant spot should be back of the heel and even with the ball.  Obviously, a kicker no longer has the aid of raising the ball off the ground to make contact on the upswing, so he will need to rely on great mechanics to get the ball over the line of scrimmage and downfield with good distance.  A benefit to kicking off the ground is the ability to make contact at leg-lock which will create more power. 

New kickers should be aware that using a tee also creates more breathing room for erratic plant spots or swings; so don't jump right into kicking off the ground because it might give a kicker an extra yard or two of distance.  Without proper mechanics, the extra power gained from making contact at leg-lock isnt noticeable because poor technique won’t allow it to happen.  A kicker should practice off a tee until the mechanics are perfected. 

As a recap, here are the important tips to keep in mind about Plant Spot:
·         A football length or foot length away from the ball is a good guideline for plant spot on the X-axis
·         When using a 2 block, the knuckle of the foot should be even with the ball on the Y-axis
·         When using a 1 block, the top of the laces should be even with the ball on the Y-axis

·         When kicking off the ground, the plant spot should be back of the heel and even with the ball

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

AAK Scores and Stats - Week of September 4 - 5, 2014

Apopka 56, Lake Brantley 7

  • AAK's Tyler L'Heureux made 7 extra points for Apopka
Bishop Moore 40, Harmony 0
  • Jake McIntyre of Bishop Morre was 5/5 in PAT and had 3 touchbacks in their win over Harmony
Dr. Phillips 43, Olympia 10
  • Dr. Phillips' Ethan Shafer makes a 36 yard field goal in the first as well as 4 extra points
  • Olympia's Phillip Shure makes a 38 yard field goal in the second quarter and gets the extra point in the fourth
Edgewater 19, Wekiva 21
  • Wekiva's snapper Brandon Fields remains undefeated to start the season at 2-0
Evans 0, Lyman 14
Freedom 6, West Orange 43
Gateway 0, Oak Ridge 36
Orangewood Christian 14, Master's Academy 0
Oviedo 23, Winter Springs 0

  • Connor O'Toole's 35 yard field goal for Oviedo makes Channel 9's Friday night highlights! Watch here. O'Toole also made two extra points.
St. Cloud 13, Astronaut 0
  • In the fourth, St. Cloud's punter Andrew Boganeko held Astronaut back at it's own 2 yard line with a 54 yard kick.
Terra Haute North 21, Northview 7 (Indiana)
  • THN's Zach Potter wins Saturday morning due to a lightning delay Friday night.
Armwood 37, Blake 0 (Tampa)
  • Armwood's Sterling Hofrichter makes a 35 yard field goal and adds four extra points for the Hawks
A.Crawford Mosley High School 0, Escambia 45

Shout out to Lake Mary High School freshman football team's Dalton DeChristopher 4/4 pat...not allowing deep kick offs....just pop up kicks...and no punting so far.

Next Week's Schedule:
Bishop Moore at Edgewater, 7:30
Dr. Phillips at Seminole, 7:30
Lake Howell at Oviedo, 7:30
Evans at Lake Brantley, 7:30
Lyman at Lakeland, 7:30
St. Cloud at Cypress Creek, 7:30
Lake Mary Prep at Bradenton St. Stephen's, 7
Apopka at Wekiva, 7:30
Oak Ridge at West Orange, 7:30
Olympia at Freedom, 7:30
Orlando University at Boone, 7:30
Timber Creek at East River, 7:30
Armwood vs. Hillsborough (Tampa)
Terre Haute North vs. Southport (Indiana)

Geneva 19, Frostburg 24
Augustana 54, Minnesota Crookston 0
  • Augustana's Lucas Wainman makes a 52 yard field goal in the first and follows it upwith a 32 yard field goal in the third
Tusculum 71, College of Faith 0
Lenoir Rhyne 41, Point 10
Eastern Illinois 21, Southern Illinois 38
Greensboro 0. Guilford 52
University of Southern Alabama 23, Kent State 13
Florida 65, Eastern Michigan 0
  • Florida's Frankie Velez makes a 33 yard field goal early in the first, a 36 yard and 29 yard field goals in the second. He also added 8 extra points for the Gators.
FAU 0, Alabama 41
Temple 24, Navy 31
  • Austin Jones makes a 28 yard field goal in the third and adds three extra points for the Owls.
Air Force 13, Wyoming 17
University of St. Francis 41, Olivet Nazarene 10
  • U of St. Francis's Ryan Giachetti with3 punts, 45 yard average and 1 in the 20
North Carolina Wesleyan 19,  Stevenson 40
  • North Carolina Wesleyan's freshman Codan Breckenridge makes his college football debut! Breckenridge added an extra point in the first for his first college point.

Next Week's Schedule:

University of Florida vs. Kentucky
FAU vs. Tulsa
UCF vs. Missouri
Geneva vs. Grove City
Atlanta Sports Academy vs. Mid. Georgia State
Webber vs. Campbellsville
Tusculum vs. Elizabeth City State
Eastern Illinois vs. Illinois State
Augustana vs. Hope
Lenoir Rhyne vs. Virginia State
Greensboro vs. Bridgewater

University of St. Francis vs. Lindenwood University - Belleville
University of Southern Alabama vs. Georgia Southern
Colgate vs. Delaware
Don't see your game or stats? Send us an email and let us know what you've been up to this season! Email

Friday, September 5, 2014

AAK Ready for Week 2 of Football!

Here's a look at some of All American Kicking's students who will be hitting the field this week in both high school and college games. Follow our blog and social media for updates on their performance this week and all season long!

Students, be sure to send us an email and let us know about your game.

Week of September 5 and 6, 2014

Apopka's Tyler L'Heureux vs. Lake Brantley, 7

Bishop Moore's's Jake McIntyre vs. Harmony, 7:30
Dr. Phillips' Ethan Shafer and Angelo Alexander vs. Olympia's Justin Ford, Phillip Shure and Jonathan Messina, 7:30
Edgewater at Wekiva's Brandon Fields, 7:30
Evans' Alberto Escobedo at Lyman, 7:30
Freedom's Michael Castaneda at West Orange's Andrew Brickweg, 7:30
Gateway at Oak Ridge's Dylan Hartwell, 7
Orangewood Christian's Armel Lee at Master's Academy, 7
Oviedo's Connor O'Toole and Zac Bastien at Winter Springs 7:30
St. Cloud's Andrew Bogaenko vs. Astronaut, 7:30
Terra Haute North's Zach Potter vs. Northview (Indiana)
Armwood's Sterling Hofrichter at Blake (Tampa)

Geneva's Ed Schuster vs. Frostburg
Atlanta Sports Academy's Sam Wallace vs. Fort Benning
Augustana's Lucas Wainman vs. Mount St. Joseph
Tusculum's Ian O'Grady vs. College of Faith
Lenoir Rhyne's Hunter Haire vs. Point
Eastern Illinois's Cory Edwards vs. Southern Illinois
Greensboro's Mark Bush vs.Guilford
University of Southern Alabama's Aleem Sunanon vs. Kent State
Florida's Frankie Velez and Johnny Townsend vs. Eastern Michigan
FAU's Landon Scheer vs. Alabama
Temple's Austin Jones vs. Navy
Air Force's Garrett Powers at Wyoming
North Carolina Wesleyan College's Codan Breckenridge vs. Stevenson

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Basics: Choosing a Kicking Tee

By Coach Nick Fleming

At the very beginning of kicking, even before you actually swing your leg, there are a few things you need to think about before lacing up your cleats to give kicking a try for the first time.  When you choosing your equipment, a few things are obvious; you need a ball, you need some cleats, but what about those kicking tees that are different sizes? Here are some important things to consider when choosing the correct tee for you.

When thinking about kicking tees, its important to remember one really solid piece of advice, and that is “higher tees and blocks do not automatically mean more distance.” In fact, distance is more directly related to a kickers mechanics and natural power of their swing.  The main thing a kicker should consider when choosing a tee is “how easily can I get the ball up over the line of scrimmage so the defense cannot block the kick?”

Kicking tees and blocks are made to give the kicker an easier time to get underneath the ball and get it up in the air.  Beyond the high school level, if all kickers were forced to kick off the ground, you would see a lot of blocked kicks because getting the ball up 10 feet in the air in 7 yards or less is quite difficult to achieve with pure mechanics.  Using a tee leaves a little room for error when trying to hit the sweet spot.  The mechanics related to kicking with a tee or block are relatively simple, the higher the ball is off the ground, the more your foot should make contact with the ball when your leg is on the upswing.  When a kicker makes contact with the ball when their leg is on the upswing, it is much easier to get the ball up in the air because the leg is at a better angle when contact occurs and popping it up in the air is easier to do.  For those who are already deep into the mechanics of kicking, remember that your plant spot should move back (away from the uprights) as the tee gets higher so that it is easier to achieve contact on the upward portion of the swing.

So, how does a first time kicker know if they want to use a 1/2”, 1”, or 2” tee or block?  The best way to find an answer is through trial and error.  Each beginner has different form, so they should find the tee or block that gives them the most success right away and then work from there.  My general rule of thumb is if you haven't played soccer or are one of your teams better athletes, start with the 2” tee as that is usually easier for the “non-soccer” athletes to be successful (esp. toe kickers).  However, if you have played soccer your whole life and the soccer swing is already refined, try the 1/2” or 1” as that might be an easier transition with the swing you already have.
One question I always seem to get is regarding when to kick field goals off the ground.  I tell all of my students that if you are dead set on kicking in college, you should be practicing off the ground during the offseason from freshman year on.  For some students, the transition from a block to the ground is a long and hard road, so get a head start on making sure youre ready when its time to impress a college coach. However, I would recommend for high school kickers to use a block during the season. Even if youre more comfortable kicking off the ground, chances are good that your high school holder is not skilled enough to place the ball perfectly every time, so give yourself the extra breathing room that comes with using a block whenever you have the option.

For kickoff tees, use the same height tee that you are comfortably with using for field goals. By using the same tee, you don’t need to become comfortable having two different swings (an inch higher or lower than the other).  Kicking is all about making your swings as consistent as possible and each inch and degree of angle matters, so don’t make it harder on yourself by needing to create a kickoff swing an inch higher than your field goal swing.

Make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube, like us on Facebook at All AmericanKicking, follow us on Twitter @allamericankick and Instagram at allamericankicking.  Also feel free to reach out to me directly with your questions on kicking at

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All American Kicking On the Field and Social Media

Week of August 28-30, 2014

Oak Ridge 28, Apopka 23 - F

Dr. Phillips 24, Timber Creek 13 - F

  • Timber Creek's Christian Morris made a 21 yard field goal in the third quarter
  • AAK's Ethan Shafer added three extra points for Dr. Phillips and made a 36 yard field goal mid-way thru the 4th quarter.
Bishop Moore 35, First Academy 21 - F 
Lake Mary 38, Winter Springs 14 - F 

  • Snapper Jacob Rubenstein helps the Lake Mary Rams to victory over Winter Springs
Osceola 48, Freedom 7 - F
Oviedo 28, Lake Brantley 6 - F

  • AAK's Zac Bastien kicked three times for Oviedo in the second half
  • AAK's Connor O'Toole hit all 4 pats for Oviedo
Wekiva 40, Jones 2 - F
  • AAK's Brandon Fields and Long Snapper helps Wekiva to their huge victory over Jones.
Bishop Moore 35, First Academy 21 - F
East River 42, Cypress Creek 6 - F
Edgewater 41, Evans 6 - F
Deltona Trinity Christian 34, Lake Highland 17 - F
St. Cloud 59, Centennial Colorado Eaglecrest 56 - F

  • AAK's Andrew Bogaenko kicks a 51-yard field goal en route to victory for St. Cloud. Congrats for being named one of the Top 10 Plays of the Week by the Sentinel! Click here to watch his awesome field goal!
West Orange 27, Boone 24 - F
Warner Christian 35, Orangewood Christian 0 - F
Terre Haute North 10, THS Vigo 21 - F

  • AAK's Zach Potter Stats with THN Via Email:
  • Punts- (8) for 43.0 avg. 5 inside 20 yd. line (3) fair catches and one return for 5 yds.
  • FG- 2/2  (37,29 yards)
  • PAT- 4/4
  • Kickoff- 7 with 3 touchbacks
Armwood 37, Durant 14 - F
  • Via Facebook from Armwood Kicker Sterling Hofrichter: "Won 37-14. Punted three times with two inside the 20 and a 61 yard punt and went 5/5 on extra points"

Next Week's Games:
Apopka vs. Lake Brantley, 7
Bishop Moore vs. Harmony, 7:30
Dr. Phillips at Olympia, 7:30
Edgewater at Wekiva, 7:30
Evans at Lyman, 7:30
Freedom at West Orange, 7:30
Gateway at Oak Ridge, 7
Lake Mary vs. Osceola, 7:30
Orangewood Christian at Master's Academy, 7
Oviedo at Winter Springs, 7:30
Clermont East Ridge at Tavares, 7
St. Cloud vs. Astronaut, 7:30
Terra Haute North vs. Northview (Indiana)
Armwood vs. Blake (Tampa)

Air Force 44, Nicholls 16
Colgate 10, Ball State 30
Colorado State 31, Colorado 17
Eastern Illinois 20, Minnesota 42
  • AAK's Cody Edwards made his college football debut for Eastern Illinois.
FAU 7, Nebraska 55
Penn St. 26, UCF 24
  • UCF kicker Shawn Moffitt makes a 36 yard field goal in the 2nd quarter in UCF's season opener in Ireland.
Temple 37, Vanderbilt 7
  • Temple's freshman kicker Austin Jones makes 19 yard and 28 yard field goals in the 3rd quarter in his college football debut and upset over Vanderbilt.

Next Week's Games:
Geneva vs. Frostburg
Atlanta Sports Academy vs. Fort Benning
University of Wisconsin Platteville vs. Buena Vista
Augustana vs. Mount St. Joseph
Lenoir Rhyne vs. Point
Greensboro vs.Guilford
University of Southern Alabama vs. Kent State
Florida vs. Eastern Michigan
FAU vs. Alabama
Temple vs. Navy
Air Force at Wyoming

Don't see your game? Send us an email to make sure we include your game info each and every week! Email