Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tips with Nick: The Basics - Angle of Contact

Coach Nick Fleming outlines the basics of angle of attack and what it takes to achieve a successful kick. Watch him explain angle of attack and his other basic tips to help you improve. Click here for more Tips with Nick.

Friday, January 16, 2015

5 Questions with Former University of Central Florida Kicker Shawn Moffitt

All American Kicking Coach Shawn Moffitt works with students on Sunday afternoon.

All American Kicking is excited to welcome a student of our program and former University of Central Florida kicker, Shawn Moffitt, to our coaching staff. Moffitt is the all-time leader in points scored at UCF with 314, in addition to field goals made with 53. Moffitt holds several other school records, including the single season record for field goals made at 21 in 23 attempts. His 91.3% field goal percentage is also a school record. Moffitt brings four years of college experience as well as years of training with Coach Nick Fleming to the field, a unique combination he hopes will help the students he will be instructing in our Sunday afternoon sessions. 

What made you want to join All American Kicking as a coach after being a former student of the program?

All American Kicking gave me the tools to succeed at the high school level as well as the process to be looked at by almost every single college. I think All American Kicking is the best way for specialists to be looked at by trained former specialists. I want to be able to help kickers win the varsity spot and head to a great college to play football.

What have you learned by working with Coach Nick Fleming over the years?
Coach Nick has stressed consistency with my training over the years. We tweaked little things here and there when we needed to, but the consistent kicking two to three times a week helped me maintain a peak level. Coach Nick has also helped me with the mental aspect of kicking, including pressure, height, and operation time to give yourself the best chance at making it through those uprights.

What key tips will you hope you convey to students?

I want to convey not only the key tips that Coach Nick has taught me but also different tips I have learned during my four year campaign at the University of Central Florida. Key tips such as effort, enthusiasm, consistency, and a good work ethic.

What did you learn from playing at UCF that you want to share with your new students?
Being a specialist is the constant pursuit of the perfect rep. You can have a bad kick/play but you can never have a bad day, look towards the next rep and make it your best one yet.

With your time playing for UCF behind you now, what are your future plans?
I plan on being coached by Nick until pro day where I will hopefully get looked at by NFL teams; I will also try my hardest to coach the younger AAK guys.

To register to work with Coach Moffitt during our 8 to 1 player to coach ratio Sunday afternoon session, click here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tips with Nick: The Basics - Foot Contact

Coach Nick Fleming's basic video instruction continues with Foot Contact. For more instruction and to watch the first five videos of the series, click here.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Tommy Townsend Reflects on U.S. Army All American Bowl Experience

                                    All American Kicking's Tommy Townsend and punter of Boone High School was selected for this year's U.S. Army All American Bowl on January 3, 2015. After the game, Townsend reflected on his experience, discussed what he learned by playing in this year's game and shared what he'll be doing before attending University of Tennessee in the Fall.