Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stretching, Adjusting, Adapting....and Tutus.

flexibility: flexi·bili·ty: 1. Capable of being bent or flexed; pliable. 2. Capable of being bent
repeatedly without damage. 3. Responsive to change; adaptable.

Interesting. Three simple definitions. Even MORE interesting when you look at it from three different angles.

Ok, let's examine. First angle , the obvious. "Capable of being bent or flexed; pliable."

You're a kicker, punter, a snapper...that means you clearly need to get your stretch on...let's be real. And that's no easy process. Rome wasn't built in a day...and flexible muscles aren't either. It's a commitment. And not a "pain free" commitment by the by. So just go in knowing it's a necessary evil and bite the bullet. Make stretching a part of your day... go hop into a yoga class or pop in a dvd...or a ballet class...don't scoff at that idea...I can see your eye rolls from here...but the reality is, a lot of the top college and NFL players have said yoga and ballet have helped elevate their game...so give it a try sometime...but uh, maybe just pass on the tutu. Either way, get a SOLID stretch session in everyday.

Ok, let's look at it from our second angle, shall we? "Capable of being bent repeatedly without damage."

How do you respond to pressure? How do you respond when a team ices you? When something goes wrong in your form, how do you make sure you only make it a bad kick, and not a game-changing disastrous kick? Bad stuff will happen, but who can still put those ugly kicks through the uprights, or punt a 40 yarder end over end, or wobble a snap back right on the hip? Don't let setbacks affect and damage you and your mental game.

And now our third angle... "Responsive to change; adaptable."

Are you coachable? Are you adaptable to changes in your form? Are you the type of player coaches WANT to coach? Solid character can get you places. On AND off the field. Absorb like a sponge. The learning never stops. No matter what level you're on.

Flexibility. It can mean much more than just the obvious to a specialist when lacing up the cleats...just leave the tutu at home....no one will ever know.

Train With The Best...To Be The Best.

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